Placeable Uses Location Data Intelligence to Help Brands

Engage Consumers at the Local Level

We have the solutions you need to deliver relevant localized marketing

across thousands of locations worldwide.

Improve, Organize and Enrich Your Location Data


Boost Traffic and Revenue with an Optimized Local Experience


Drive Brand Consistency Online with Targeted Publishing and Distribution


Track and Improve Local Performance


Keep Your Location Data Clean

Digital marketing for the enterprise brand is complex, and trying to implement a successful local marketing strategy can feel like hitting a moving target. Placeable can help you easily cleanse and normalize sheet after sheet of dirty location data, correct inaccurate and incomplete listings that are costing you customers, and ensure that your brand shows up in local search. Watch this video to find out how to succeed at local marketing.

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Placeable marketing campaigns at the local level

Location Data Management Made Simple

Placeable’s location data management platform, Workbench, empowers large brands to be where their customers are. We make it easy to build a large-scale digital presence across thousands of locations worldwide.


    • Ensure the accuracy of your data for every location
    • Improve, organize and enrich your location data
    • Easily manage and distribute your data everywhere it needs to be
    • Make your data work for your with actionable insights
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Take Control of Your Brand at the Local Level

Our Pages platform makes it easy for large national brands to create unique, enriched local landing pages that increase conversions.


    • Create a fully branded locator and unique local landing pages for each location
    • Integrate dynamic, customizable local content
    • Build a solid foundation for your local internet marketing strategy
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How Does Your Local Marketing Strategy Stack Up?

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Placeable’s NatLo reveals the 150 best brands at local internet marketing. What is the state of your brand’s current local marketing efforts? How do you compare? More importantly, how can we help?

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