Proximity Ads

The Future of Online Local Advertising

Location-targeted mobile ad spend will grow to $32 billion in the next 5 years, making it 45% of all mobile ad spend.*


Build and manage ad campaigns, keywords, and conditions using your location data. With custom parameters, such as geo-fencing or other local store-specific attributes, ProximityAds saves money by targeting only consumers who are likely to convert and near enough to take action. These enhancements automatically integrate with your existing advertising platforms.


*BIA/Kelsey, U.S. Mobile Ad Revenues to Reach $72B by 2021: A New White Paper, January 2017.

ProximityAds Enables You To…

Enhance the geo-targeting capabilities of advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook

Utilize location-specific attributes like inventory, service availability and weather conditions to target customers

Match consumers with locations that meet your campaign criteria

Reduce wasted impressions and improve click-through rates


Transform your location data into your biggest asset

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