Placeable Local Search Research Report

The Invisible Channel For Brick-And-Click Retailers

Local Search: The Invisible eCommerce Channel For Brick-and-Click Retailers


Most eCommerce managers for national retail brands are too familiar with the ongoing process of adjusting pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to eke out incremental gains in clicks, conversions and online revenue. These efforts are made even more arduous by spiraling PPC costs and intensified online competition. However, these brands frequently overlook a substantial source of in-market consumer traffic that they can own: local search.   Although much of the discussion around local search focuses on the online-to-offline consumer experience, it is also a significant pathway for online purchasing.


A recent Placeable survey of over 1,000 online shoppers found that when conducting a local search for a nearby store that ended in a purchase:


    • 35% of shoppers that used branded local search terms made a purchase online
    • 25% of consumers that used non-branded local search terms made their purchase online